BRXS' Illustration & Visual System

I created a scalable visual system for illustrations and scenes for the BRXS brand.

Brainstorming the visual system

I set the brand's color palette and illustration style in order to accomplish a look and feel matching which values BRXS represents in terms of inclusivity and accessibility.

Branding sessions

I led sessions on how to represent our brand and how we want to communicate our story and our product.

Illustration styles

We entertained a few directions we can go with, in terms of design style. We went through the array of illustration styles below and tried to find  a style that visualizes our brand identity and values. We ended up with a few notable styles that are worth pursuing:

3D (current)

2D Gradient (3D look)

2D Gradient with Backgrounds

Bichromatic Lineal (Plaid)


Finding the right match with our brand elements

We explored a few difference styles and progressed through a few variations

I built a visual system with the elements



We utilized the system to build scalable scenes to use for in our empty states and action screens.

This visual system has yielded the current scenes:

These scenes were applied on empty states across platforms: